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"Handmade saddles that fit the horse, mule & rider"
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Here are some of my handmade saddles    
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Handmade Horse and Mule Saddles

"Mountain Hunter"
On horse bars with breeching & pulling breast collar.

Wade A-fork saddle
on mule bars with breeching & Buckaroo/Mule breast collar

"Lady's Bowman Roping Saddle"

Handmade Western Saddles
for Horses or Mules

"Mule Wade"

"Mountain Hunter"

Wade saddle on mule bars with natural rawhide swell cover, cantle binding and stirrups. Form fitter tree with either mule or horse bars, 7" wide gullet and 4" or 5" cantle. Barb wire border with tooled tapaderos.

"Sue's Ranch Saddle" " Trail Saddle"

Association tree with
short roping horn,
cornered flower tooled
with barb wire border.

  "Trail Saddle" On Mule bars and cornered flowered tooled with a tooled border. This saddle was cut down to fit a 14 hand mule and a small lady. 

"Lady's Trail Saddle" "Sierra's Trail Saddle"
Barrel racing tree, 7" gullet and 4" or 5" cantle. Seats 14" to 17" with mule or horse bars. Fenders and stirrup leathers sized to your height. 28 to 32 pounds Plain saddle
Sierras Trail Saddle Barrel racing tree Full Quarter Horse bars
5" cantle
7/8s in-skirt rigging
barbwire border with running horses. 

"Cliff Wade"

Built on a Cliff Wade tree with 92 degree bars and a 7" gullet. Wood post horn and a 5" high cantle. Engraved Horse Shoe Brand hardware and 3" engraved bell stirrups. Double line Barbwire border and natural rawhide cantle binding.    

"Cliff Wade on Mule Bars" 
16" seat with 5" cantle, 7" wide gullet and wood post horn. Nice border pattern and basket stamped cornered tooled. With Horse Shoe Brand Floral conchos. Laminated wood stirrups with buckaroo twist.

Old Timer

The Mountain Hunter

Old Timer Saddle
A-Fork tree, 6 3/4" wide gullet, 8" wide swell, 3 1/2" high post horn, 4" cantle, Bucking rolls
rawhide braided ox bow stirrups, natural rawhide swell cover and cantle binding
"The Mountain Hunter", Form Fitter tree Form Fitter tree,
5" cantle,
7" wide gullet, Basket stamped corners,
rough out seat.


Southwest Wade Saddle

Buckaroo Saddle

Wade tree, Standard post horn, Bucking Rolls, 6 1/2" roping back cinch, Flat bottom ox bow stirrups, ASB hardware

Southwest Wade Saddle Southwest Wade, Wade tree, 3 1/2" wide post horn, rawhide covered swell and cantle binding.

Brushpopper Saddle

San Juan Wade

Bowmen tree, Tapaderos
For horse or mule, with d-rings for saddle breeching

San Juan Wade Saddle
Wade tree, 7" gullet, 3 1/2" wide post horn, natural rawhide covered roping stirrups, ASB hardware

Pete's Handmade Mule Saddle

Reece Wade Saddle

Wade tree on mule bars with 5" cantle. Natural rawhide stirrups and cantle binding. Barb wire border Mule breast collar and Bucking Rolls

Reece Wade Saddle
Wade tree, 3 1/2" wide post horn, 4" high cantle, rawhide cantle binding, laminated wood bell stirrups

Handmade Half-Breed Saddle

Rawhide Handmade Wade Saddle
Half breed saddle

Bowmen tree, rough-out seat and fenders

Rawhide Wade
7" gullet, natural rawhide covered swell, cantle binding and roping stirrups with bucking rolls.

Sagebrush Roper

"Mule Association"

Sagebrush Roper Saddle

Bowmen Roper tree, 12" swell, 7" wide gullet, 3 1/2" high post horn, 4" cantle, laminated wood bell stirrups

Mule Association Saddle Association tree on mule bars with rough out seat and d- rings for breeching or crupper

Bowman Roper
Rebecca's Trail Saddle
Bowman Roper
Bowman Roper with 13" wide swell. Built on Mule tree, with d-rings for breeching and crupper
Trail Riding Saddle - Buffalo tooled Trail riding tree, 7/8s in skirt rigging with engraved Horseshoe Brand Hardware   
Buffalo cornered tooled  
Saddle stitched border

Wade with Taps

Wade saddle with taps Wade tree on horse bars with rough out seat and barb wire border trim and 16" Tapaderos.    

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